Friday, March 19, 2010

Earliest Bulbs

Another spectacular day, the last day of winter.  70s in the sun again, light breeze.

I moved the iris reticulata to the front walk where they can be seen close up.  In the Fall I will plant snowdrops (Galanthus) so the whole area under the spreading Crimson Queen maple will be late winter ephemeral bulbs.  Later the tree will spread over the area, and the new grasses (Hakonechloa Beni Kaze) will fill in at the edge.

I put Preen on this area and the rest of the front walk and watered it in.

I cleaned up the Meadow's Edge garden, cut back liriope and some other plants, including the Worcester's Gold caryopteris (it has good buds).

I put my cutting of Blue Chip miniature buddleia in the blue flowered pot.  We'll see how it does there.  I'm still not sure about eventual size, miniature being the operative word.  It says OK for containers, but the blue flowered pot is pretty small.