Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pruned the willows

Temps in the low 50s, calm, no breeze.

Ordered five Sheffield Pink Mums from LazyS.  Will ship week of May 3.

Cut back dead foliage on epimediums.

Pruned the Nishiki willows.  Cut out 1/3 of the bigger stems.  Started to cut away the turfgrass to make larger circle under each willow (will mulch), but it's a job.  I use the serrated steak knife to saw away at ground level.  Two circles are done, but could be wider.  The third is still to do.
Before pruning:

Hope they're ok.  Last summer the willows had odd growth, with leaves sporadically along each branch, about a foot of bare branch between each cluster of leaves.  Is this stem discoloration a problem?  
I cut willow branches to use for weaving in the trellis by the electric meters: