Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rethinking the porch

Cold, gloomy and rainy today.  We got 1.35 inches overnight.

I decided to re-do the porch.  No one ever sat on the love seat, and the place has always been too crowded.  So we took it out, and I put the propagation plant stand in that spot.
This will give me space for my cuttings without having to worry about them in the sun and rain... there really was no protected spot for them outside, and the plastic zipped cover that went over this shelf stand was a pain to manipulate whenever it rained.

Imagine this nook all decked out in plants and foliage and blooms... this is going to be my "conservatory" now.  No one besides me ever used the porch, and it's too small for entertaining... so I'm turning it inward as a private retreat, not a summer porch looking out over the yard!  We'll see how this works.