Sunday, March 28, 2010

Seed sowing

Another very cold day, below freezing overnight, and now in the low 40s but feeling colder.  We got so spoiled in mid March, thinking the potted plants should go out, and digging in the ground to make the new bed for the stewartia at the top of the driveway.  I wanted to dig out the bed for the magnolia and other plants too, while it is still cool, but this is too cold!

I sowed seeds today, a good 6 weeks before last frost.  Sowed two flats:

Nasturtium Empress of India, a deep red.
Zinnias Button Box Mixture, they only grow to 10 inches high.

Later, in three weeks (by April 20), I'll sow a flat of mixed color nasturtiums, Alaska Mixed:

Also, in three weeks a flat of Zinnias Cut and Come Again Mixture, which get to 2 feet high:

That way I should have multi seasons of zinnia and nasturtium flowers.  This is a lot of warm (red and orange and yellow) in the garden.  The nasturtiums will go under the doublefile viburnum where the pincushion flowers are now (which I don't like, they're coming out.)  The zinnias can go anywhere in the middle of the garden.

I have more zinnia seeds, but I think I'll keep those over for another year, I have two sizes to complement each other: Zinnia State Fair Mixed, which will get to be 3 feet tall, and Zinnia Lilliput Finest Mixed, growing to 18 inches high

I also have cosmos seeds to sow, but maybe I'll just direct sow those in the ground in early May, out in the meadow.