Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

It reached the low 70s today in the sun!  Sunny, mid 60s in the shade, no breeze, just a beautiful day.

I put the rosemary out under the birch, and planted the Little Henry iteas in the front walk.  It's a microclimate there, very warm and sunny this time of year so even though it's early, the newly planted shrubs should be fine.  I also moved the smaller-leaved kinnikinniks so they are away from the Massachusetts larger leaved ones (they were all supposed to be the same cultivar.)  Also divided some of the beautiful deep red sedums at the very front edge.

I started cutting the extension of the garden at the top of the driveway, where the new stewartia monadelpha will go.  Ground was moist, the day was so pleasant, it was not hard work, but I am a little achy and tired now.  More to do.  Jim called Peter (Bluestone) to order 6 yards of dirt.
Bad news: the kiwi vines I picked up at Broken Arrow are females.  I really wanted the male, which has more noticeable coloration (and even then, it can be iffy).  So I am going to plant the females on the east side of the deck to climb up the railing.  I mail ordered male 'Artic Beauty' from Whiteflower farm (along with 3 bunchberry plants) for the pots.  Sheeesh.