Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April Day

Warm, in the high 60s, sunny, partly cloudy.  Still too warm for April.


Dirt is coming tomorrow.  I gave up on Bluestone and called Envirocycle.  Six cubic yards for $198 including delivery.

The shape of the new gardens is final.

The Oklahoma redbud is blooming:

All the black and white tulips came back, looking good:

The dogwood is blooming, but I'm not crazy about the watermelon pink color:

I planted the Japanese maple Orange Dream in the Birch garden, at the back.   I originally thought it would be a good small, narrow tree to finish the west walk as you get to the curve of the walk, but it's too shrubby, and doesn't tolerate wind and afternoon sun too well. 

Retractable awning arrived today... an 18 wheeler had to negotiate the cul de sac!  Yikes.  It's huge, 150 pounds, 13 feet long, taking up a whole strip of the garage right now in its tubing.  We'll see if we can get it installed.