Thursday, April 29, 2010

Windy windy day

Gusty, windy, some gusts up to 17 mph.  Blew the chairs and umbrella and everything all over. Temps in the  60s.

Pruned the Lynwood forsythia out by the road cut, but really, I couldn't find many older canes to chop out, even though some have real rangy growth.  They're still young plants.  I moved 3 big rocks from behind the forsythia to the Meadow's Edge to add as accents.

Moved the Worcester's Gold caryopteris to the Birch Garden.. the gold foliage was right in line with the new Ogon spirea, so I needed to separate them.

Went after roses and bittersweet on the hill, took a lot out, but my goodness, there's just so much, and poison ivy blankets the entire forest floor at the top.

It was impossible to do much more in all the wind.

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