Friday, May 21, 2010

80s again, sunny, light breeze, lovely day.

I planted the 10 free trees from Arborday today.  In the past, I've had very limited success planting them out in the field, and almost no success keeping them in pots for several months.  So this time I am trying planting them in right away on the berm in back of the spruces.  I'll keep them there a full year or two and then, if they take, plant them out in the field.

I finished the small garden at the end of the west walk.  The idea is to create a shady lane, drawing the eye toward the curve of the walk and to the big maple in back.
I think I need a small tree where the new garden is, instead of the gray pot.  I want more of an "allee" look, leading to the sunny spot where the maple is.

In that small focal point garden I have the gray pot with dwarf butterfly bush Blue Chip, irises (yes, I'm going to see if I can grow bearded irises) Beverly Sills and Immortality, and a Russian sage for Jim, who has always wanted one.  The red pot has a tiny twig of a cutting from my favorite (now defunct) heather.

Yesterday I changed the hummingbird feeders.

Alliums are coming out along the front walk.  I like the yellow Allium moly.

Peony Blaze is blooming... incredibly vivid, and surrounded by intense purple May Night salvias.

Amsonia Blue Ice is in bloom.

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