Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Freeze Overnight

Rain today, 40s.

Yesterday when I went out in the morning there was a solid sheet of ice covering the birdbath (I had turned off the heater).  Thermometer says it got down to 30 degrees, and it must have been there for a while overnight.

When I looked at the new hydrangea serrata, the leaves were black and crispy.  There are flower buds that I can see; I wonder if the freeze nipped the buds too, and there will be no flowers (if it even survives).

The newly planted Sheffield Pink mums also looked crispy and frost stricken.

Yikes.  After all those days of 80 degrees, when it seemed summer had hit full blast, I can't believe we had a freeze.  I'm so looking forward to the new hydrangea and the mums... will they be ok?

On Monday Hope's Mothers Day gift arrived: a new antique birdbath:
I put it under the maple in Meadow's Edge.  We'll see if birds prefer the openness of the one right by the patio, or if they like more protection from the maple above the new one.

I finally put up the fairy house that Greg gave me for Christmas.  There were no tree trunks big enough for the door, so I made a condo under the deck stairs.  The fairies seem to like it (the little lantern really does light up at night:

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