Friday, May 14, 2010

Not So Much Rain

Damp in the morning, sunny and humid in the afternoon, in the 70s.  We keep getting forecasts of massive rain storms, and all we've gotten from the last 3 rainstorms is less than a tenth of an inch, a quarter inch, and now last night less than 2 tenths.  We need more rain than this.

I took out the slow to emerge big white gaura in the Birch Garden, and when I dug it up the roots were soft and slimy.  Had to go.  I've now lost all the gauras I had. I moved the Albury purple St. Johnswort there (also slow to emerge, and then in the summer it seeds everywhere), and divided the Sundrops and put a division there.

I put the Frosty Morn sedum in the Meadow's Edge... I don't really like it so much, and it's been planted everywhere, but we'll see how it looks here.

Planted herbs around the patio; lots of parsley around the birdbath, and marjoram and basil along the wall. 

Ordered plants from Lazy S today... my favorites that I want to extend: Wlassovianum geranium, Frohleiten epimedium, and I am going to put European gingers in Northern Exposure where the bergenia is now.

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