Friday, June 4, 2010

Hot again, Humid again

90s, very muggy and oppressive.  High clouds, not as sunny as yesterday.

I'm so discouraged, every task in the garden this year has been like working in mid summer: hot, sticky, unpleasant.  It's hard to enjoy doing any work being soaking wet.

Jim helped me spread the 10 bags of mulch I got yesterday, and it finally covered the back strip.  But now I need more to put under the birches and in a few spots in the gardens!
Eventually this back strip will fill in and the buckeyes will spread and shade the ground.  There's an awful lot of bare earth and mulch right now... should I get some kind of groundcover to fill in under the trees and the buckeyes for now?  It would make more sense than trying to keep this much area weed free and mulched until the trees and shrubs grow enough.

I really like how the white baptisia looks above the other plants in the Birch Garden, especially the pinky penstemon.

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