Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thyme in bloom

80s today, and into the low 90s.  Sunny and breezy.

I spread 9 bags of mulch, 18 cubic feet, then had to go back to Moscarillo's for 9 more bags!  Many areas need a good cover.

The spreading thyme under the roses is blooming, covered in tiny little white flowers.  Very nice.  The thyme did exactly what I wanted and spread over the little curve of the bank here at the top of the pavers, stabilizing the high edge of the garden, and softening the look as it meets the pavers.

I cut some of the odd colored baptisia flowers and brought them inside.  They're lovely in a vase!

Wild colors abound in the Birch Garden.  Too crazy?  I dunno. 

Meanwhile, Meadow's Edge has become muted, the camassias are gone, and a lot of greenery has filled in.  The deep purple amsonias Blue Ice are nice, and the groundcover sedums are a pop of yellow, but toward the middle and back there's no color.

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