Thursday, July 22, 2010

Everything Looks Better

Breezy today, hot and windy, but the humidity is way down.  There were tornadoes yesterday in central CT.  While we got black clouds and just over a tenth of an inch of rain, there were massive storms just a few miles away!

All of a sudden today everything looks good again.  The scorched grass has greened up a little, still showing stress signs, but some areas are greening.  The gardens look better.  The meadow is dry, but some Queen Anne's Lace is appearing, which always looks nice.

It wasn't really enough rain to make everything look better, but the little bit we got, combined with lower overnight temps (it's been in the 60s at night), has helped.  And with the clearer air now that the humidity is down, everything looks more sparkly!

Clethra is blooming.  The scent is faint but so nice.

I cut off all the browned leaves from the climbing hydrangea, and it looks so much better.  I thought it was just heat stress, but Bartlett says it is a bacteria causing leaves to get brown spots.  They treated last week, and I have now removed the affected leaves.

I deadheaded the daylily stalks.  They get so messy looking.

Strawberries are producing again, and look a lot healthier now that I moved them from the terra cotta pocket jars:

We had a turkey family cruising the perimeter of the back yard this morning.  Mom, Dad, and two little chicks.  Here's one of them:

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