Sunday, September 12, 2010

Once Again

Cloudy, cool, 60s.

Once again the rain that was forecast for today went to the south of us and to the north, but broke up over us.  No rain for 21 days, since August 22, except for the hundredths of an inch this past week.

Yesterday was abundantly sunny, just like 9/11 nine years ago.  I watered and watered out on the back hill, but I'm only getting a few inches of soil wet around the smaller trees.  The natural silver maples are completely limp and the ash tree by the road is also flagging.  Leaves on all the young oaks, including the new one I planted at the top of the sandy hill, are brown leaved now.  I could go on, but at this point in the season I'm pretty much giving up.

I changed the batteries and scent lures in 7 of the deer zappers and put them back out in the meadow and in the gardens.  I need more batteries for the remaining zappers and will put those out.

I cut back the amaryllis today and brought them into the garage to go dormant till Thanksgiving.

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