Friday, September 30, 2011

Next Year's Tulips

Rain all yesterday but it broke and today is partly sunny and in the 60s.  More rain coming in the next days, though.

I planted two big pots of tulips for next spring.  No tulips in the ground any more!  I planted these pretty deeply, then covered them with 4 inches (probably could use more) of potting soil.

In each pot I put 6 Spring Green (white with green markings) in the center and 12 Groenland (pink with strong green markings) around the edges.  I never saw any of the dozen Groenland I planted in the front walk last year, they were 100% eaten before they ever came up.

I set out the Ajuga Chocolate Chip to spread in the new area along the patio walk and at the edges of the new bluestone steps off the patio.

Still have to:
  1. move amsonias from under the doublefile to the patio wall
  2. move Tardiva hydrangeas to the new driveway bed
  3. plant the rhus aromatica plugs I just got in the new driveway bed
  4. plant snowdrop bulbs under the Japanese maple
  5. plant three lobelias just received (red ones, Ruby Slippers is delayed til spring)
  6. plant all the alliums* I got by the patio wall
* Got Gladiator, Stratos and Mt. Everest alliums from Whiteflower Farm.  Graceful is coming next week from Bluestone Perennials.  I didn't realize I had ordered so many!
'Gladiator' 3 to 4 feet tall, sweet scent
'Stratos' 3 1/2 feet tall
'Mt. Everest' 3 feet tall
'Graceful' small, 16 inches tall

    Tuesday, September 27, 2011

    Big Empty Bed

    Humid, summery, gray and foggy most of the mornings lately.

    We just got back from a wonderful weekend in Denver with Greg --- what a great time!

    I started planting the area that the Manns created along the edge of the driveway.  It's a big strip bed and the pots show where the transplanted 'Tardiva' hydrangeas will go.

    I dug up and moved two of the larger rhus aromatica plants (Low Gro sumacs).  One looks good, the other is clearly distressed, very brown and wilting!  Yikes.  I do have more small rhus plants on order.
    this one transplanted okay
    this one looks crispy and wilted

    I planted the rooted stem that Cyndy from Gardening Asylum gave me.  She dug it out of her garden before she moved, stuck it in some gravel, and it took!  This will be a doublefile viburnum, V. plicatum tomentosum 'Mariesii'.

    Still going strong in the very end of September: the plumbago towers. Wow.

    Also very nice at this time of year: the hydrangea blooms.

    And the grasses --- this is miscanthus 'Zebrina by the garage door.

    Tuesday, September 20, 2011

    New Garden

    Very cool, it has been in the 40s overnight for several days and in the low 60s in the daytime.

    Yesterday I went with Pam to Julie Kamis's house off Dug Road in S. Glastonbury, and had a wonderful tour of her 10 acre farm and house, as well as the neighbor's garden.  What a place!  No pictures, it felt awkward to be fussing with the camera while the conversation was going on.  Her house (a Colonial reproduction) is straight out of Deerfield in every detail.  Exquisite.  The barns too  --- a dog kennel (clean as a tabletop), a 6 stall English horse barn, paddocks, it was all beautifully laid out and immaculately kept.  What a place.

    And she took us to the neighbor's gorgeous garden, built in the woods in Japanese style with a rustic teahouse and a burbling stream and pond.  A ravine in the woods themselves, lit by dappled sunlight, was so beautiful.

    Money.  Lots of it.  It can create a wonderland.  But Julie is so unaffected and engaging, and she has such a passion for her home, her dogs and horse, it was all so appealing even if way out of my financial range.  Wish I had taken pictures.

    Sharon and David Mann came Friday and again yesterday to cut the new expanded gardens.  Sod cutters --- what a time saver!

    Before . . . .
    . . . . .cutting the new shape
    Before . . . .
    . . . . . not entirely happy with the shallow layout, but they work
    Now to plant up the new spaces and get it all finished!

    Thursday, September 15, 2011

    Clean Up & Fall Planting

    Humid and unsettled today.  In the low 80s.

    I cleaned up all the raggy geraniums along the walk, and spent a lot of time tidying up all the daylilies.  Pruned back the mums which are getting very full and overtaking the nearby plants like the St. Johnswort and New Jersey Tea plants.
    I trimmed the hydrangea next to the walk so that the fothergilla below gets some light, and the tirmmings made a nice bouquet.

    I planted several more cardinal flowers in Meadow's Edge.  These are 'Fan Scarlet' or 'Dark Scarlet' I think.

    I planted the Bluebird clematis in front of the garage.  I will need to do something about securing the little trellis.
    If it does well it will overgrow this small structure.  I'll need to figure how to attach wires for it to scramble along past the trellis.

    I love how the Hakonechloa Beni Kaze looks in pots on the front steps.  These are really looking nice this year.

    Tuesday, September 13, 2011

    Early Fall

    Meadow's Edge

    Birch Garden

    Foggy morning

    Thursday, September 8, 2011


    It's been raining for three days, heavily.  It started Tuesday with 1.75 inches and when it wasn't raining hard it was drizzling all day.  Last night it poured, and added another 4.6 inches overnight!  That's almost 6 1/2 inches now.

    It's still raining this morning.

    Further north and to the west they have gotten 9 to 12 inches from this storm, on top of the flooding from storm Irene 10 days ago.  Vermont and upstate NY are in terrible shape.

    Meanwhile Texas burns with its worst drought on record and wildfires.

    Saturday, September 3, 2011

    Ready to Plant at Pam's

    Warm and humid today, in the low 80s.  Sun in the morning, but high overcast in the afternoon.

    I have all the plants ready to take over to Pam's to plant up her patio area.

    I dug up yellowroot and potted them in the containers sitting on the wall.  I also dug up two 'Bridal Veil' astilbes, and two bergenias.  She has hostas and heucheras that can be retained.

    I bought a chamaecyparis 'Drath', a "Green Mountain' boxwod in a nice pyramid shape, and two golden Hakonechloas.  For flowers, I bought a fall anemone 'September Charm' and a clematis 'Jackmanii superba'.  The clematis is said to do well in partial shade, which will be the case on her wood fence.  It should flower profusely all summer. (I also got a bubbler urn fountain for under the deck!)

    After Labor Day I'll go over to plant.

    Today I pruned the katsura tree to remove the one remaining upright side stem that the deer left.  It just looked awkward.  The tree is now much smaller and will have a single stem, but it looks ok.

    The turtle head is blooming, but so hard to see at the back of Meadow's Edge.  It's not tall enough, and the flowers are subtle.

    The Lespedeza, Bush clover, is blooming.  The effect is very subtle and washed out from afar, but the tiny blooms are pretty very close up.

    The deer have eaten all the blooms off the mountain hydrangea by the driveway.  Only a few remain at the bottom, and the buds are the most incredible mix of colors.

    Friday, September 2, 2011

    Marigold Madness

    Yes, you can overfeed your marigolds.  Yikes.

    The plumbago towers are looking better and better as the season goes on.  I want to dig them up and winter them over in the garage.

    And the caryopteris is so pretty in bloom now.