Saturday, July 14, 2012

Chance of a Little Rain

Another hot day, in the 90s, strong sunshine, and no rain.  It's been 19 straight days with no rain and high temperatures.

The forecast says a 60% chance of rain showers tomorrow, with a possibility of one tenth to one quarter of an inch!! After all this time a tenth of an inch is going to kill me.  It will run off the mulch.

It would have been the day of the garden class (which got canceled).  Can you imagine traipsing around in the rain in a parched looking garden after 20 straight days without rain?  Ha! The irony.

The buckeyes are starting to bloom.  The big fluffy candles are sticking up every which way.  I'll get pictures of the whole big line of them when it cools off, or after some rain, if we get it.  They are truly large, impressive shrubs this season.