Thursday, July 19, 2012

Muggy and Damp

A storm rolled through and we got 2 tenths of an inch to wet the surface of things. Temperatures had been oppressive, in the high 90s for a few days, and now after the storm it is cooler. Very damp and muggy, but quite cool, in the 70s.  Whew.

Time to make a mid summer reassessment of the garden.

  • The Karl Foerster grasses have to be moved from Meadow's Edge.  I think I will put them in a line along the patio wall near the faucet.  Hmmm.

  • The red carpet roses are too tall along the edge of Northern Exposure.  And the geraniums are too blowzy at the entrance to the gravel garden.  So, take out that section of geraniums.  Put one of the roses there --- more structure will help at that end of the line along the walk.
(This was back in June, the geraniums at the corner have gotten much larger and floppy.  Pretty, but too much for that spot.  Move one of the red carpet roses there.)

  • Move the other rose back more under the sweet bay magnolia.  I do like the pop of red there, but the two bushes are too much and they are encroaching on the walk.

  • Fix the curve of the garden as you approach the patio, so it sweeps from the walk around the wall.  Make it more of a reverse half crescent.

  • Move the Nicky purple phlox to the middle of the Birch Garden.  It will fit there better and add some midsummer color to the middle of that garden.  It's too big for the narrow strip by the gravel garden right now, and it is crowding the fothergilla and other plants.

And I think I need to make the small curved garden in front of Meadow's Edge bigger.  Both wider (a little) and longer, with something else planted beyond the rosemary.  Simply repeating more Russian sage would be nice at that end of the strip, and give it some rhythm.