Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Needs Work

Overcast and cool today, in the 70s.  Muggy, though.

The Drive By Garden needs a redesign.  The row of Tardiva hydrangeas doesn't really fit here.  They are too close to the doublefile viburnum (Mariesii, that Cyndy from Glastonbury gave me).  The spreading viburnum and large upright hydrangea are going to fight for space.

The look isn't right, the space under the big purple Norway maple isn't enough, and the plants will crowd each other.  The further end of this garden is witch hazels, and fragrant Gro Low sumac groundcover is underplanted beneath it all.

The Rose of Sharon needs trussing up.  The limbs are spreading (splitting?) horizontally and at an odd angle.  I want this to be upright, and I would love it if it got tall enough to see from the dining room window.  Can I tie these branches together?

And the Dawn viburnum needs some serious pruning, both for shape and to keep it upright and away from the house a little more.  How to do this?

The space under the guest room window where the Okalhoma redbud had been is still a little vacant looking.  Jim likes the open view from the window, so my thought of moving one of the Tardiva hydrangeas there might not work.  It will block the window, at least the lower half.

There is a low growing little dwarf corylopsis there, and I need to see how that fills in.  And the pot of begonias is TOO SMALL.  A bigger container amid the lambs ears would be better.

It all needs work.