Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fixed This, Fix That

Hot and humid today, but it was hot and drier a couple days ago, and quite nice.

All summer I have been fussing over the wavy line of the garden along the edge of the patio.  I kept thinking "when cooler weather comes I'll get down on my hands and knees and chop out a nicer curve".  Sod removal, hauling the cut sod away, and edging on hands and knees is cool weather work.  Later.

But on Tuesday, at two in the afternoon, in the full sun and the middle of a hot summer afternoon, I got the edger, and cut a curved line.  I can't believe I just did it in the heat and sun.  It took all of twenty minutes.

Then I went back today and in another 20 minutes finished cutting the edge, took another 15 minutes to clean it up, and another 20 to spread a bag of mulch.  It was much more uncomfortable (more humid) today, but easily done. Fixed.

I need the ajuga Chocolate Chip to spread a little more.  The grass is a little trodden where I was working at the edge, but it is a much nicer curved line than before.

Some other needed fixes:
The thyme at the top of the patio looks terrible.  It gets some kind of rot in the middle and browns out.  Too wet there?  Even though it is on a sharply raised little berm?

I think I will chop it back, put up a low wall of staggered interlocking stones to edge the pavers, and let what there is drape over the wall instead of trying to hold the rise with the thyme plants.  I dunno.

Can I do this little project myself?  Home Depot has the wall components, they are small and meant only to make a low edging wall.

It had looked so great the first year when 12 plugs made a gorgeous carpet under the knockout roses.  The roses are gone now, and despite planting 18 more plugs, they didn't take.  This needs a fix.
This looked so good at one time
Some more fixes:
The plumbagos didn't do anything this year.  It's green and healthy and growing.  Even blooming a little, but overwhelmed inside the twig cage.

Last year the plumbagos were awesome towers, blooming a away.
One of the plumbago towers last year, 8/8/11
Clearly I don't have plants anywhere near as robust or flowery this year.  A disappointment.  But I can fix this next season with other climbers in these twig tuteurs that will scramble and vine and flower much better.  What to get . . . ?