Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Gray Dry Day

How can we have predictions of rain all week, showers 90 percent likely and thunderstorms coming, and a lowering, threatening, gloomy gray sky, but get no precipitation?  The worst of both possibilities --- gloomy without the rain, and dry without any sunniness.

Today is dark and awful looking, but rain storms have passed us by.  The clethra is crispy and curled up and the yellowroot in some places is brown and curled too, despite my having watered thoroughly quite a few times this summer.  Any pulling of weeds produces a dry puff and the gardens are hardpacked and bone dry.

Everything has that tired, grim look, under a dark gray sky.

Just a quarter inch of rain in the last 15 days, although at the airport a few miles away they got over half an inch just two days ago (huh? we got absolutely nothing).

It is not drought, not like the midwest in any way.  Not at all.  But it is dry.  And it is gray, and no rain is coming.

And I have a garden tour (Lee and his wife) on Thursday.