Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Very Wet October

After such a hot dry June and July, we got rain in August, and some in September.  Now in October it has been nothing but rainy and foggy and damp.  So wet.

All of a sudden the trees that were set back by last October's snow, then held back by a hot dry midsummer, have put on amazing growth. The lawn is impossible to mow, so thick and overgrown. Everything is filling out everywhere.

I really notice the paperbark maple all of a sudden.

The black gum out by the meadow startled me with its sudden doubling of size, and the river birches are shooting up, and the sourwood has even grown.  But this paperbark maple, seen as you come up the driveway, is the one that is startling me now.

For so long it was an awkward shape, not much to look at.  I did some pruning, the storm did some pruning, but still it just blended into the other small bushes and shrubs around. Now it suddenly has a nice form and a presence.

The Sheffield Pink mums want to bloom, they really do.  But we need some sun!

This is unrelated to anything, but I like this detail of the Hakone grass, the 'Aurea' Japanese Forest Grass. Nice, huh?

Sunshine, where are you?