Saturday, December 29, 2012

Why Am I Always Cold?

Snowing today, 30 degrees. We had a white Christmas here, with a little bit of snowfall but not enough to make the roads bad.  Since then it has snowed off and on, with a very steady snowfall today.

I love the way the arched bridge looks spanning a white blanket.

Christmas was wonderful -- trip to LA with Tom and Joanna, then to Denver with Greg and Sass, back here when Hope and Steve came down. A pre-Christmas lunch with Ellen and Angela and Mary Alice, and Christmas dinner at Pam's.

It's full on winter now, though we have passed the winter solstice and days will now get longer. But I can never, never get warm in the house. Why?

On a still day outdoors a temperature of 68 or 70 degrees is really pleasant. In the house it is chilly, surfaces you touch are noticeably cold, and skin that is not covered with clothing or a scarf gets goosebumps. It's uncomfortable and it's relentless all day long.

The heat cranks all day and the inside temp registers 70.  I wear heavy socks, layers of clothing, bulky sweaters / sweatshirts, and make sure to have my neck covered. Why is it so uncomfortable at 70 compared to the same temperature outside? Even upholstered chairs are cold to sit on!

Sigh. Brrr.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Monday, December 3, 2012

Our Tilted Wobbly Tree

Today was sunny and really pleasant, up into the low 60s. Very little breeze. Just a nice day.

I cleaned up some more of the nepeta, and then did a little Christmas arrangement of greens and birch stems in the now empty pot in front.

We put the tree up yesterday. It is on its last legs. Literally -- two of the four wheels broke off leaving just a screw sticking out of each socket, so it is precariously sitting on shims. It totters when you walk by and it lists, seen from certain angles. The connector for the top half went missing so the heavy top third is duct taped on, and very wiggly. I had to twist the wire stem S-shaped to overcome its tendency to flop to the right.

A string of pre-lit lights in the middle won't light. I added a separate string, but there is still a blank spot in the lower part, and now I have all those unlit little bulbs still attached along with the added string.

Jim says this all gives the tree character. I think we need a new (smaller) one.

We put up Bob's little wooden advent tree, a couple days late.