Friday, January 25, 2013

Being Busy in Winter

Very, very cold for the past several days. When I wake up each morning the temps are in the low single digits. Yesterday was bitter and windy and in the teens all day. Today the winds have died, but it is still cold, barely above 20 degrees.

Sunrises have been beautiful. When I open the bedroom door just after 7 a.m., the sun is a round egg yolk just above the trees, and moments later the four windows on the east side of the house fill with sunlight.

I'm keeping busy in January.

First, I'm chipping away at the hundreds of entries on my Inventory blog, updating each and every plant profile with new photos from 2012. Tedious and time consuming, it is taking all month. I do a few entries each day, but there are so many! But progress is being made. I am almost through all the woody plants, and will start shortly on the perennials. Phew.

I want to finish all of them before starting on the catalogs and orders and design plans and plant choices for spring. I'm getting itchy to get going with that!

Next, I signed up for the March 2 symposium that the Hardy Plant Society sponsors. There are two speakers, Katherine Tracey from Avant Gardens, and Joann Vieira from Tower Hill. Should be a good day.

I need to join the Hardy Plant Society, membership for the next season starts in September. They have some good programs and speakers.