Monday, January 21, 2013

Birds in the House

The new sofa and wing chair came today. The deliverymen arrived exactly at the moment that Barack Obama was taking his inaugural oath, so I missed a momentous national event. But they were gone before his inaugural speech, and so I got to hear all of that.

There are birds! Birds all over the new sofa. Birds are in my house now. I like it.

Here is how it all looks, with the new blue wing chair too.

The sofa doesn't go with the deep red rug or its pattern, but it doesn't fight it either. The combination is okay with me.

The wing chair is actually barrel shaped and it is nicely enclosing when you sit in it. The sofa is stiff, but in a plump and comfy kind of way.

Pretty traditional stuff, but it does freshen things up a bit. (I like the sofa birds and the way the glass Murano birds on the mantel above echo the pattern).