Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tool Storage

Cold, snow coming tonight.  We had January thaw recently and the temps were up in the high 50s, but now a return to winter.

I finally ordered a tool storage shed to put on the patio.

It will go along the wall of the raised part of the deck. It's actually a storage bin for garbage cans, but I can use it to store all the smaller items that I now have to keep schlepping to the garage to get.

Shown in pine, but I ordered cedar that can weather naturally.
Attractive, for what it is. Made here in New England.

Things that need to stay dry and can't be left out on the potting bench --- gloves, garden ties, pruners, loppers, the pruning saw, maybe the small garden shovels, all the awkward stakes, bottles of spray, small bags of fertilizer, etc.

I'm not sure about the watertight qualities, but the sloping roof should keep rain off. I can always caulk around any opening with weatherstripping if rain gets in.

It's 4 feet wide, and only 2 feet deep. The back height, at 50 inches, is well below the top of the deck railing. Perfect as a small closet under the upper deck.

It will work better than trying to build something to fit in the two foot area next to the potting bench under the window. Jim tried to assemble a storage closet but that wasn't working out. This is a better solution, and it's pre-made. Assembly requited, I'm sure, as it ships in nine panel pieces.