Friday, February 1, 2013

And Now Back to Cold

After the warm windy front moved past, we are back down to cold frigid temperatures to start February. Only 30 degrees here today.

The rosemary had looked so rich and green all winter, even through the single digit cold, but after a week of that, it has suddenly turned brownish. By March of every year it looks drab and discolored, then brightens back up in spring, so it might just be winter fading and not a die off.

I'm hoping that's all it is . . .

When I opened the bedroom door today the sunrise was drenching the newly cut branches on the half wall in dazzling sunshine. The glass vases sparkled and the woody twigs were lit up!

The witch hazel vase was glowing.  I am not detecting any fragrance, despite the fact that flowers are open and they've been indoors now for a day.

I went out in the cold and cut some more branches for forcing today, and brought in corneliancherry (Cornus mas) and aronia.  As with the other shrubs, there just aren't many branches to sacrifice.  And I think with most of what I cut I brought in leafed stems without any flower buds!