Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thinking . . part two: The Front

Still cold, in the high teens and low twenties in the daytime. A blizzard is coming tomorrow. Yikes, a bad one, they say.

I went over to Kit's today and took some pictures. Even in winter with all the leaves down, her space gives a sense of enclosure, and it is tied to the house so the patio and creekbed and woods are all one.

Then when I look at our place it seems so wide open.

I got a good shot of our house from her back yard.

Jim and I have long discussed putting another tree in the front yard. The open slope is south facing and gets so hot. It needs shade. A nice shade tree just behind the mailbox?

Here is what it looks like in summer. The dogwood is a beautiful shape and nice anchor for the corner, but the open slope of lawn is too much. The black gum is just off to the right of this picture.

I'm loving the idea of a parrotia for the Drive By Garden (see last post) -- a narrow one called Vanessa. I could put a regular species one behind the mailbox, which would be wider, but still very structured to go with the stiff look of the black gum on the right.  Or simply put another black gum in, to have two in the front yard?

Fall color of the parrotia is golden orange, as this shot from Dave's Garden shows. It holds leaves in the winter, though, and that might not be a good look smack in the front yard.

Could I extend the patch of Frohnleiten epimedium from under the dogwood all the way down the driveway and around under a parrotia (or black gum) planted midway down the slope?

I can get a parrotia from Broken Arrow. But . . .  I am leaning toward having Bartlett put in another black gum. I like the symmetry in front. I like the tree. Trouble free, clean look.

Here's the one already on the right side, last October.

Thinking . . .