Friday, March 22, 2013

Winter Lingers

The first day of spring has come and gone, but winter stays with us. Every day when I wake in the morning the temperature is in the low 20s. During the day it gets up into the 30s, sometimes even the low 40s, but the air is sharp. Not in a crisp mid-winter way, but in a chilly gray way.

With snow still blanketing the ground from the storm earlier this week, everything is white, cold, and the ground is not only frozen but unseen.

I had hoped to get some early spring tasks done in the cool of March. There are 5 things on my To Do list that are still waiting.

Inside, the seeds I planted are up, even the zinnias that I just planted a few days ago. The only no shows so far are the morning glories, but they'll peek up soon.

And the Rex begonia that I brought into the bedroom is doing really well. It goes nicely with the silvery-teal color of the quilt I bought this winter.