Sunday, June 2, 2013

Much Mulch

Hot and humid, in the 90s.

There was a breeze today, but it has been very hot and humid for several days. Jim and I are busy moving the 5 yards of mulch from Envirocycle. We work in the mornings, and are drenched by lunchtime, when we quit. After several days of work we still have about a yard or more to spread!

All the gardens are looking so spiffy with fresh mulch.

Check out that rich brown pine mulch laid down in the Drive By Garden.

In the center is the variegated sweetgum we moved. Hope it does ok. And on the right the spider shaped ninebark, blooming. It is still immature and a real arching shape right now.  On the left is the rosa glauca. Odd color. And it really needs pruning and shaping.

Up close the rosa glauca is interesting; from a distance it is an odd color.

From this angle the ninebark is not quite so spidery shaped!

The knockout rose Blushing Pink is spectacular by the front door.

Meadow's Edge looks good, with the bright yellow flowers of sedum kamtschaticum blooming.

And I love the pink pipecleaners!

Beverly Sill iris and the emerging blooming spikes of itea look interesting together. There would be so many peachy colored irises this year, but I cut a lot for a bouquet for Pam's birthday this week.

Black Barlow columbine and May Night purple salvia in the evening dusk. Rich.