Monday, September 30, 2013

A Jog in the Wall

Another dry, sunny, cool autumn day. Lovely. Temperatures were in the 70s, too cool in the shade and a little hot in the sun.

I made a mistake with the low stone wall (edging) along the east side. It runs right over a sprinkler head, and this morning, after the sprinklers went off, there was the plastic head popped up tall, with rocks canting to either side.

It had simply popped up, displaced the rocks and knocked them to either side.  So I made a jog in the wall.

Then I put down 3 bags of mulch (3 cu. feet each, so it took a third of a cubic yard to cover this border).

I also took out the Korean spirea 'Pink Parasols' that was crowded under the Rose of Sharon. I liked it more in theory than in practice.

It had pretty flowers, but they were brief, and the rest of the time it was nondescript. It was probably too shady on this side of the house under the Rose of Sharon, so its foliage never colored well in fall and it flopped.

I thought about moving it, but in the end I took it out. The roots went everywhere. Long snaky stretches of roots had to be ripped up. Now the area looks cleaner and more open, and the brick wall is visible. I'll let the deutzia fill in where the empty space is.

I did love this spirea and am sorry to have it gone.  It had pretty flowers, and the leaves held water droplets like St. Johnswort does.

It was pretty, but had outgrown the space, and was flopping. Too bad.

I think I will miss it.