Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cap Stones

Yesterday the relentless gray damp ended and we had a dry, sunny, beautiful late summer day, in the 70s. A perfect day, especially in the midst of so much gloomy weather lately.

Now this morning it is back to spitting mist and leaden skies.

While it was so nice yesterday Jim and I backfilled the wall (haul dirt, shovel dirt, schlep dirt), and then I started to add the capstones.

They are just sitting loosely, to get the idea, but it doesn't look right. I made this photo black & white to highlight form, and I can clearly see the left side rises, with stones on top that are too lumpy and add too  much height.

The guy at the stone store had said to save the big stones to cap the wall, but the big stones we have remaining are too thick. Gotta fix that. Maybe just take off all the top layer from the heart leftward.

I do love how the heart shows up so well.

I'll fuss with those capstones on the left today in the misty wet and see what can be done. We are so near finishing! I wish there were suitable flatter, thinner stones to put on top, but only large lumpy stones or smaller chunky rocks remain.

I'll transplant some of the lambsear to the top of the wall on the left side to echo the blue gray of the spruce. That will look nice.