Monday, October 7, 2013

Gusty and Showery

We got an inch of rain yesterday and today is gusty, windy, warm and showery. Very unsettled.

Despite the conditions I was able to finish planting the 150 or so daffodil bulbs. It was much harder work than I had expected.

I thought I could dig a big pit, throw a dozen in and then cover with dirt. Then dig another wide hole, etc.  But the asters and brambles and grasses and weeds made scrabbling around to even get to the dirt a real hassle.

Then clawing out a hole was hard -- easier today since the ground was wet, but still hard work. All of it on hands and knees, all of it in the mud and dirt.

Ah, but it is finished now.

I do hope the sight of yellow daffodils thickly planted, tumbling down the little slope will be pleasing in spring.