Thursday, October 3, 2013

I've Decided

Summery today, humid. In the high 70s, sunny, and dry. It felt very much like an Indian Summer day. The trees have started to color and fall is in the air but it was warm.

The view from in back of the spruce berm is awesome. I was out by the compost pile, digging up a bucket of dirt, and looked up. This is what I saw.

Color all along the edge of the road. The red maples are turning and that one odd sassafras, with its tiered branches, is turning orange on the right.

The Alba Luxurians clematis is prettier than ever. The hummers are gone, so they don't even get to see how nicely the clematis is reblooming.

I've decided I will take out the Swiss Stone Pine. It just is too big to fit where I want it. The only reason I got one was for dense, tall screening -- first at the back of Meadow's Edge, and then thinking it would block the neighbor's house, that ugly oddly shaped side.

But there just isn't room at the back of this border. If I move the pine back further, cutting the back side of this garden into a wider arc right up to the property line, the tree will eventually grow into their yard. By quite a bit. By a lot. And still be crowding my side.

Behind the panicle hydrangea is the parrotia -- a narrow, tall, and elegant tree some day.  The sweetgum in the center will also be tall and fill out, although it too will stay narrower. Putting a big dense evergreen so very close to both of those specimen trees will be too much.

The Swiss Stone Pine goes. I will move both the red carpet roses there, and that will give a sense of definition at the back, a pop of color almost all summer, and  . . . . well.  That's what I've decided.

I spent the morning planting daffodil bulbs on the back hill. I got 100 from Whiteflower Farm ("The Works") but almost all had bulblet offsets that I broke off, so I really have 150 bulbs or more to plant. I got about 50 or 60 in the ground before it was too hot and humid to do more.

I really hope it will be worth it next spring!

It was hard work to claw out a depression in the powdery hard cement-dirt using the Cobrahead, and pop a bulb in the shallow hole. Then cover with fresh dirt from our stone wall excavation.

Very hard work!

Instead of spreading them out in the meadow where the damp wet rots them, I am planting only on the small sandy slope off to the right. I hope I am planting densely enough.  I have at least 100 more to go!

In more fall news, the spicebushes on the back of the berm are bright lemony yellow. It helps that I have been pruning them to control their size and encroachment on the spruces.

Yesterday we went to NYC and visited Wave Hill Gardens. I love that place.

The day was a top 10. A cool breeze, warm sun, blue sky, just beautiful. I think I was meant to live in an arboretum.