Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Second Thoughts!

The Swiss Stone Pine is too close to everything. I was blinded by the gnats, couldn't see for the sweat streaming in my eyes when I put it in yesterday. What was I thinking? Too, too close.

I need to cut out a wider arc on the back side of the Drive By Garden, move the pine back further, and then still hope I can keep everything around it narrow and tidy.

Easy enough to do. But should I?

Do I really want this large dense pine at the back of the Drive By Garden? Too much?

It's already looking quite wild and overgrown with the witch hazels and the sweetgum and eventually the parrotia there. And the Mariesii doublefile viburnum hasn't even begun to fill up its spot just to the right of the pine.

Maybe just take the Stone Pine out? It was dug up with few roots, is listing already, and may not make it anyway. I don't mind sacrificing it, and I am not crazy about expanding the back edge of this garden any more than it is.

But what would I put in that empty space if I forego the big, tall Stone Pine?

Something with a dense structure, but not so big.