Friday, November 29, 2013


Cold today, barely 30 degrees but sunny.

Dang nab it, the one tree I did not put a mesh cylinder around to protect against antler rub got scraped:

This is one of the two larger sassafras trees on the hill. The bucks have never touched the sassafras before, and I thought maybe the rough bark deterred them. But it is the right diameter -- they like small trunks that they can get the fork of their antlers around.

And it was the only tree of this size that wasn't wrapped. So of course it was rubbed. I think it will be all right, the scrape is not too deep. But dang it.

I can see they tried to rub some of the smaller saplings that are wrapped. The marks are just above the top of the mesh cylinder, and a few small branches were shredded there, but the cylinder keeps them from scraping all the way up and down the trunk and doing major damage.

I'm also perturbed that the witch hazels by the driveway hold their leaves and look so brown and shaggy. I thought it was the early freeze last fall, or the snowstorm the year before that messed up dropping their leaves.

But as they mature it now appears that they do hold onto their browned leaves into winter. I can't help it, these two look like Frick and Frack -- even more so now that I pruned up the lower limbs. Not what I was hoping for at the entrance garden.