Saturday, November 9, 2013

Past Peak

A nice day, still and sunny, in the high 40s, so it was cool.

I got the baptisias and geraniums cut back, and cleaned up other areas. I cut the kinnikinnik and creepers that encroach on the front sidewalk, chopping them back so Jim can snowblow. A morning of tidying.

Suddenly all the beautiful colors and rich tones of fall are past peak. The trees that still have leaves are browning and the rich red leaves of the maples and Japanese maples are turning dry and curled.

It's not just that leaves are falling and winter will be here soon. It's drought, technically "abnormally dry" on the US drought monitor for our area. Fall has been rainless and the trees and shrubs are giving up.

It's been 32 days now, a full month, and we have had just a quarter inch on November 1.

Nothing but that little bit of rain since October 7. Everything is really, really dry now.

In summer plants would drop some leaves to conserve water, and that's what they are doing now, except there are so few leaves left to drop. What is still hanging on is just browning now, and all of a sudden it is evident everywhere.

We were supposed to get rain the other day, but got nothing at all. I'm worried about the trees and shrubs going into winter so dry.

The day that rain was forecast two days ago we never got a drop, but we did get a rainbow!

Pretty amazing.