Monday, November 4, 2013

The Hose Froze

28 degrees overnight, and it was that cold for several hours. This was a hard freeze, not just a frost.

The hoses had not yet been taken in, and the water froze solid in them. Not good. So Jim and I spent a chilly, finger-freezing, nose-running morning draining the hoses and bringing them in. Although when the breeze died and the sun was out it was a crisp day, and nice to be outside.

Surprisingly, the herb bowl still looks good, no damage at all. The ruby red alternathera in the center was blackened by the first frost last week, so that came out, but the parsley and sage and oregano look fine.

The white pendula baptisia in the Birch Garden has completely blackened, stems and all. It still holds a very upright vase shape, really interesting, but all black now. The Twilite Prairieblues baptisia in Northern Exposure was more protected, and only a few branches have blackened and dried.

The Orange Dream Japanese maple's leaves are all curly and dried up now.

I keep waiting for the tupelo in front to turn scarlet (the mature one at Moscarillo's is a beautiful red) but it wants to be orange.

The black gums out in the meadow are young, but they had very bright red leaves briefly, that have dropped already. Oddly, the black gum by the dry creek bed is dark maroon, and not changing.

The stewartia on the east side that I thought was a disappointing brown is now much redder.

The stewartia mondadelpha near the gravel garden is also brighter now, kind of a coppery red.

The flowering dogwood looks gorgeous now, very red, a little less purply than a few days ago.

And here comes a man walking down the path. Working man, ladder in hand. Good to see. Hi!