Monday, December 16, 2013

No Tracks

After the big snowfall over the past two days (and frigid temperatures) the sun is out today.

Surprisingly, there are no tracks in the snow. The whole yard is pristine, white and untouched.

Usually there are trails going everywhere across the yard after a snowfall. Rabbits, voles, deer and others. Deer meeting deer, deer going in circles, the place looks like a train terminal after rush hour.

But after this snowfall there is nothing -- a line of tracks running behind Meadow's Edge garden and then along the bottlebrush buckeyes, and a faint trail already snowed over that runs through the front yard almost at the edge of the street.

But that's it. And we had just seen a trio of huge deer a few days ago browsing in the meadow on the east side. Big things, looking like dumb brown horses.

It is so pretty to see the untouched snow.

Christmas is fast upon us and this beautiful snow is perfect for the season. The house is decorated and we have already gone through one full batch of anise cookies.

Merry Christmas!