Friday, December 6, 2013

Tis The Season

This year I abandoned the 7 foot Christmas tree that we bought when we moved in here. When I first saw our 10 foot ceilings, I thought --- ooh, a big, big tree would fit in here!

I bought a very large expensive artificial tree (first ever), and we struggled every year to get that huge thing put up and decorated. I needed a stepladder to hang the upper ornaments and put the dove on top. Getting the big thing up and down the cellar stairs every year turned out to be a major two person endeavor, and the top broke the first year, requiring ever more elaborate duct tape each year.

This year, a small, 5 foot little thing was purchased (yeah, artificial again). I can decorate it easily, standing on the floor. The dove was simply placed atop it, no contortions involved. It is my height, easily reached, and I like the smaller size so much better.

And . . .  this is so cool . . .  there is a remote control that clicks the lights from all white, to all multi colored, to a combination of both. This is so awesome.

Jim and I walk by every few minutes and click the tree to a different setting.  We are easily amused.

The broken top of the old tree has been installed out on the front porch as a mini tree, lit up with white lights. It actually looks okay.

I put wreaths on the garage windows, a wreath on the front door, and it's Christmas. Ta da.  Some snow would be nice right now.