Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Coyote Family

Last Friday Jim got some great photos of a coyote family that has taken up residence in our area this winter.

We have only rarely seen a coyote here. Peggy and Cheryl say they have had coyotes all around them in the Duncaster area of town but this year they don't hear or see them. So apparently they have moved their territory.

I was away (skiing with Gail) the day he got these shots of the family, but I have seen them since.

It was a mother and four pups. He tried to get pictures of all five together, but they were hunting and running and the pups were cavorting and jumping, and the best he could get were two at a time when they were standing still.

I don't think they are a real danger to deer, but I hope their presence is enough to keep the deer at a distance this year. I do think they'll keep the rabbits and voles down a bit.

For the first time we have tunneling moles in the yard, and they are making a mess of the lawn. I know they are good for eating lawn pests and grubs, but Jim wants them out of here since they are creating big hills of dirt everywhere.

Moles are not a prey animal for coyotes, although sometimes they dig them out of their tunnels.

It is so amazing to see these guys in our yard. The pups are the size of large dogs, but the mother is much bigger than any dog.