Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Problem Child

Still cold, in the single digits at night, and barely up to 20 in the daytime.

For years I have been wanting to move the little dwarf weigela 'My Monet' from Northern Exposure to somewhere else. This pretty pink-tinged shrub has been a problem child every spring when its striking foliage pairs up with the odd smoky purple baptisia in bloom.

The frothy tiarellas and the veined coloration on the 'Green Spice' huecheras add to the problems. This is just awful. Awful.

But every year I let it be, then despair the following spring when it sets my teeth on edge in May and June.

I should move it this year.

How about putting it at the corner of the new stone wall at the entrance to the gravel garden? Right where those lambsears were (I took those out).

The weigela is eye catching on its own, it is rounded and low, perfect for this spot. And it really pops when it has a dark green background or a light dusty blue color near it.

Here I can barely see the blue dusty miller that I had near it one year, but it is obvious even from this bit of the shot that the blue was a good contrast with the pinky foliage.

And here I can see the dark glossy leaves of the rose, and the saturated red of the blooms, works well.

I think the dwarf spruce as a backdrop, the bluish rocks and the spot at the corner of the wall would be good for this pink problem child of a shrub.

I'll need to move the tiny new dwarf abelia that I put there late last fall. I should cluster the three of them ('Fairy Dance') together at the center of the stone wall (where the terra cotta bowl sits in this picture), and then leave the far left corner for the pink weigela.

The three super-compact abelias at the top of the wall will bloom pale lavender in summer -- I haven't seen the flower color yet, since they were new last fall. Does that recreate the combination problem with the weigela's odd pinkiness?

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