Monday, January 20, 2014

Sentry Shed

This is what I need in my garden:

From Gardener's Supply

This is from Gardener's Supply and it is expensive for such a small structure, but it is exactly, exactly what I need want. It is $549, plus there will be extra shipping charges. But it is perfect.

I want to paint it deep red, the color of the ice house in this picture.
This is the color

It will go on the back side of the berm, by the compost row, and it will store the pitchfork for easy access. Right now I have to tromp all the way around the house to the garage to get the tools I need to turn the compost, and it makes a whole project of simply turning the pile.

I drew where it would go, roughly. Tucked right between the spruces and set back onto the berm. I'll need to make a level spot to put it on. I can use the rest of the crushed gravel for a 3.5 x 3 pad.
Looking from behind the compost row toward the back of the berm.

Will it be heavy enough to stand upright when the wind blows? Can it simply sit on the crushed gravel pad? Is it going to be perfect or what?

I may have to take out the lower shelf so the handle of the pitchfork and any shovels can be set in there.

The price is a concern.