Thursday, February 27, 2014

Winter's Grip

3 degrees this morning when I got up, and as usual this winter, the day warmed only to mid 20s.

It has been cold, the snow persists in big ugly banks and is spread deep across the yard. The back door to the deck still doesn't open.

Salt and gritty sand coat the driveway.

I missed any chance this winter to get out and cut branches for forcing.

The very few days when the ground was bare enough or the temps were in the 30s or 40s, I was busy with other things, and then we got snow covered and too cold again.

I did want to force branches. I really loved it when they graced the living room half-wall last year.

I have not yet seen the sugar pails on the maples along Duncaster Road. They usually appear the first week in March when nights are freezing and days are above freezing.

This is what it is supposed to look like on Duncaster on March 1.

Not this year, though. All next week it will continue to be in the single digits at night, and 32 or below in the daytime.

The sun sets noticeably later now, about quarter of 6 in the evening.

The sky gets pink in the east, as it usually does here. It's not a reflection from red sunsets in the west -- when I look out the west windows the sky is colorless.

But the other side of the sky is a gentle pink, sometimes magenta. For some reason it is the eastern horizon here that tells us the sun is setting.

March arrives on Saturday, and winter holds on.
  • Seed packets have arrived, to start indoors in March.
  • Catalog plant orders have been placed, to ship in late spring.
  • I never did order the sentry shed that I wanted so much.
  • And I didn't get to force any branches this winter. Maybe in March.

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  1. Tough winter for a gardener, isn't it? And there is more snow on the way! I also have been enjoying those eStern 'sunsets. ' very curious !