Monday, March 31, 2014

How March Ends. Every Year.

Snowing here. Wet, sloppy stuff, sticking to the ground.

I always put out the hummingbird feeder on the last day of March to attract early scouts, although I usually don't see any until the middle of April. This year it has been so unremittingly cold I wonder if the hummingbirds will be delayed.

Every year I use a cheap plastic cylinder feeder that is light enough for the metal stand, easy to fill, and it doesn't drip. There are no feeding holes facing upward for rain to enter.

Nothing fancy. Nothing too big.

Because it holds less than a week or so of sugar water, it makes me get out and fill it each week. That way I am forced to keep it fresh.

I have a prettier glass feeder that I like, but rain gets into the upward facing opening, so it only works in a protected spot under the front porch and the hummers didn't like that location too much.

So March finally ends, the feeder is hung, it's damp and chilly, and that seems to be the way of things in my garden at the end of March.

Cold or wet, usually cold and wet, is apparently the norm.

I know that because I went back to see what I had written in this journal on the last days of March for the past several years.

Here are the titles and the lead sentences from the blog posts I did at the end of each March:

March 30, 2010
Cry Me A River
Pouring rain now for two days, almost 3 inches already and still coming down. . . . 

March 31, 2011
Goodbye March
Overcast, gray, in the 40s.  Rain and snow on the way.  I'm over the shed.  And I'm so over March.

Some tasks accomplished yesterday: One more dead vole. . . . .

March 30, 2012
Sunny Day, End of March
Quite cold this morning, in the 40s.  It felt chilly and windy as I worked on the back hill cutting multiflora rose and painting the cut stems with poison ivy herbicide. . . . .

March 30, 2013
Much Has Been Done
Despite the cold drizzly start to Thursday, much has been accomplished in the past three days!

Thursday afternoon cleared off a little, and Friday and Saturday were cool, partly sunny days, in the 50s, perfect for work outside. . . .
And now March ends in 2014: 
    Snowing here.

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