Monday, March 17, 2014

Trying Not to Complain

yah, that's me in the blue parka skiing at Mammoth,
with Tom behind me.
I like winter.

I skied several times this year. I like snow. A cozy day inside is great. A brisk cold walk is nice. I have great winter boots that are stylish. My garden has real interest when dormant, especially the woody shrubs.

I have no patience for people who choose to live here and complain about winter.

But right now I am trying so hard not to cry. It is in the teens today, and may get up to 29 degrees, but a day in the 30s will be a stretch. Rotted snow still impedes any walking around outside.

The week promises more cold -- nights in the teens, days in the 30s and 40s, not a single day in the forecast that a gardener could enjoy. And it's cruising well into the end of March.

Aaaah, but I have seedlings indoors. The zinnias popped up right away and will need to be repotted before I can even get through the snow to my stash of containers on the potting bench, which is still iced in behind a bank of snow.

Even the tiny nicotiana seeds have sprouted. They were the size of poppy seeds, and came in a tiny plastic tube so they wouldn't get lost in the envelope.

A few of the yellow nasturtiums came up, and a few of the Black Beauty dahlias, but a lot are no shows so far. I do have some more Black Beauty dahlias sprouting in the cell packs next to the zinnias, so there will be Black Beauties enough I hope.

The only thing not up yet are the butterfly weed seeds. They were last year's seeds and may not be viable, or they may just be slow sprouters. But the Hummingbird salvia seeds from last year came up. The random free dahlia I got also is up, and at least two of the free morning glory seeds.

So I can deal. There is something green growing on this St. Patrick's Day and that is encouraging. I have been to Key West and that week in the warmth is still a pleasant memory. So it's good.

I am really, really trying hard not to complain. Or cry.

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