Thursday, March 13, 2014

Will It Ever Melt?

Although it is snowing lightly this morning and it's back to temperatures in the teens today, Tuesday was warm and sunny and in the late afternoon I sat in the sunshine on the front steps and it was almost as nice as Key West.

But I couldn't get to my tools, even on a such a nice day as Tuesday was. I have pruning to do, and clean up to start, but everything I need is inside my handy dandy tool shed, locked in a bank of snow.

I can lift the top and reach in, but that assumes I can get through the deep stuff to get to it. The porch door can't even open onto the back deck.

And the snow surrounding the driveway was too much to get through out to the back yard. It was a no go despite the nice sunny weather.

I desperately want to cut back the grasses, and clean up the smashed perennial stalks from last fall.

And I want to do some creative pruning on the Japanese maple in front. You can't see it here, but the curvy branch on the furthest left side needs to be cut off. I can get to it easily where snow has melted in the front, but my saw and pruners are in the buried shed in back.

The witch hazels don't look good, and I won't take a picture of their brown leaves and tiny unopened flowers, even though this is supposed to be their season. They continue to make me mad.

But the redtwig dogwoods look wonderful, especially against the snow.

And we have snowdrops. The south facing front garden is melting and the little snowdrops are popping out of the tired mulch.

It was a nice day, but only a brief respite. Now we are back to snow, some icy rain and cold weather.

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