Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bright and Colorful

Humid and warm today, up to 70, and then a gentle rain started this evening.

For Earth Day today, the 'Lynwood' forsythias out by the road finally burst into full bloom.

And here is the result of planting 200 daffodils last fall -- a bright circle on the hillside around the Norway spruce!

In a few years the hillside will be covered much more, but it is clear I need another 200 daffodils, probably more, and I need to spread them out to the left and right sides of the hill.

Although it looks skimpy when viewed full on, the little pops of yellow daffodils are wonderful when seen from the house, through the plantings in the yard, just hinting at a little color beyond.

I continue to struggle with the dwarf 'Golden Peep' forsythias on the east side of the house. I took them all out, except for this one. They all had dieback in the centers. This one looked better for a few years, but now it too has a dead zone in the middle.

It doesn't look so bad photographed lengthwise along the house, which hides the barren patch. And the awkward "Dawn' viburnum looks okay from this angle too, although looked at from the front its shape is ridiculous and the blooms got a little freeze-zapped.

The Dawn viburnum needs to mature, and I hope as it does, there will be fragrance. So far, nada. Like the scentless sweetbay magnolia, it has no smell. Yet.

I do like the way this strip along the side of the house is so bright and colorful --- the pretty pink viburnum blooming, a dark green boxwood to break it up, then the hot yellow dwarf forsythia beyond, and finally the deep red stems of redtwig dogwood.

I'd like you to think I planned all that.

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