Monday, May 26, 2014


It's overcast and humid today, Memorial Day, but the weekend was that rare moment of balance when everything is just right. The air was dry and cool and 72 degrees.

The meadow has greened up but is not yet a jungle of goldenrod and ragweed.

The lawn is green velvet, not burned out yet, not yet overrun with clover.

Plants are still small and perfect, just opening, just blooming. Doublefile viburnum 'Shasta' is graceful and perfectly formed.

The Birch Garden has frilly hyacinths in front, tall white aronia blooming in the center, and white irises. Everything is still small and tidy.

The itea in the middle layer is starting to leaf out. I was worried about it.

Columbines stand up tall and sturdy.

The dappled willows are right at their blowzy fullest and the white and pink tinged leaves are their most colorful, making them almost look like they are blooming.

Globe alliums stand sentry among the still small hydrangeas in the driveway garden.

Weigela My Monet is blooming and looks better than before. I moved it from its crowded spot in Northern Exposure, and it is still a little misshapen from years of shading in that space. But now it has some sun and an open spot and it looks better.

The redtwig dogwoods by the creek bed are blooming profusely, but the wild shrubs have not yet encroached on everything. The redtwigs by the front steps are also blooming heavily.

It's all in such perfect equipoise right now -- the size of the newly emerging plants, the tininess of leaves and flowers, the balance of sun and air and humidity, the intensity of colors.

Nothing has yet overgrown or run wild or encroached on anything else, and in fact I'm still waiting for some things to show up or leaf out. The long cold spring has kept everything in check.

For now.

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