Thursday, June 26, 2014

Too Blue

Muggy today, in the 80s. We need rain badly, but the big drench that came through New England last night missed us, and we got only a sprinkle. Less than a quarter inch of rain for my thirsty garden.

I like blue conifers. What an impact they can have. I have several:
A bright blue accent at the corner of the walk, growing in an interesting shape.

A low punch of blue at the front of Meadow's Edge Garden. The combination with the wine colored redbud is nice.

At times these big Colorado Blue spruces lined up on the berm are more green than blue

But one blue spruce that I planted has not worked out at all.

Originally, in 2007, I put a 'Fat Albert' spruce in the back yard, in a spot that would eventually become a garden around it. From the beginning this was a mistake.
July 2007, before Meadow's Edge Garden was dug all around it.

I quickly learned that the description "dwarf blue spruce" did not mean low or small or rounded. It meant 20 feet tall rather than the 30 or 40 feet that a blue spruce normally reaches. It clearly did not belong at the front of the garden.

And it was always oddly shaped. This was not a well formed specimen from the start. The selling point of 'Fat Albert' is its dense habit, but this one just didn't have any branches on the back side at all. I planted it with its bare side to the back.

In 2009 I took it out, but unwilling to sacrifice a tree I had bought and planted, I moved it out to the meadow. In the meadow it stayed awkwardly shaped and the bare side didn't do any better with the shade from behind.

But the biggest problem was how steely blue it looked out there, totally inappropriate for the New England woodland and meadow look I was going for.
Hellooo, boys. Ovah heah!

Too blue! It stood out among the greenery of the hillside, brazenly attention-grabbing.

Last week I got out the Japanese pruning saw and sawed it off at the base. I took out a healthy growing tree and disposed of it in the woods. I have wanted to do that for ages -- it bothered me how my eye was always drawn to that bright blue blob out there and how out of place it was.
Too blue

It was hard to muster the courage to take down a living tree that I had planted, that had grown so much in seven years, but it's gone now.

Big improvement. There are enough blue conifer accents in my garden, and the hillside in the distance looks so much more natural now without that blue spruce.

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  1. I so get that and I think that with all of the trees you have in your garden that it is A ok that you cut it down!! And I can not believe that you all are not getting that much rain....we have been getting slammed in is hoping some of it comes your way! Nicole xoxo