Monday, June 16, 2014

Yes Persimmons

I may have persimmons this fall.

There are three persimmon trees planted on the back hill, all species Diospyros virginiana, not the heavy fruiting Japanese cultivars.

Apparently the species is variable, because all three look different.

The oldest, the one planted on the left side of the hill, was planted in 2007.  It is becoming a nicely shaped tree with pretty leaves and gorgeous fall color.

For the first time in seven years I can see two clusters of three little buds on one of the branches. Will there be fruit?

The newest persimmon tree was planted in 2012, but moved the following year and is now in the middle of the sunny meadow. It's small, and it was set back by the move, and needs a while to settle in. It has very small leaves. I have yet to see any flowering on that tree.

The one planted in 2011 is in some shade amid the taller maples along the middle of the hill. It has grown rampantly, bending over from the weight of its leaves, and those leaves are huge. Way different than the tidier small leaves and stiffer structure of the other two trees. It almost looks tropical.

And after only three years, the middle persimmon is covered in blossoms this year! Many are opening and there are tiny little flowers and tight little buds lining the branches.

Yes, I may get persimmon fruits this year. Wouldn't that be cool. I'll be out there checking every day till I see orange globes forming.

Here is a full view of the shaggy, droopy shape of the big-leaved middle persimmon. You can't see all the little flower buds unless you are up close.

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